V Force Cap Badge 1943 – 45

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V Force Cap Badge 1939-1945

The V Force cap badge represents a guerrilla organisation that was set up in 1942 to deal with a likely invasion of India by the Japanese.

In 1942 the Japanese had driven the British Army out of Burma and V Force was established to operate as a sabotage and intelligence unit.

It’s area commanders and officers were rarely regular army officers, they were simply people who had expert knowledge of the language and people of the area. Quite often they were civil servants and police officers, many were tea plantation workers. They were expected to stay behind enemy lines and gather intelligence, so an immensely brave group of people.

The V Force Cap Badge

V Force (S.E Asia) Cap Badge

The Burma Star Association has an excellent site where you can find out more about V Force.

The reason this post is here is that Intriguing History has been honoured with the privilege of curating a huge collection of British Army cap badges. Our knowledge is limited so we would welcome any information about V Force that we can share with others but this is a starting point.

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