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Historic Themes in British History

Intriguing history is all about finding the connections in British history that many of us miss. We decided to gather what we were learning around historic themes. See the timelines we have generated for each theme, look across themes to see what was happening across different facets of British history captured in the same time frame. Articles and pictures and timelines to help us all make further connections.

Industrial Revolution
Bayeux Tapestry

War Battles and Campaigns

Wars, Battles and Campaigns in British History Wars, battles and campaigns in British history. This historic theme considers the small battles as well as the large campaigns in British history. The timeline and maps help to put them in context and explore them in more detail. British history is littered with the names of famous…

The Law and History

The Law and History

Law and History Law and History.  Every act in British Law has a historical context, shedding  light on what things, parliament and therefore society hold to be most important. Use the timeline to explore this historic theme. How does engagement with law and its processes help historians?     Law and History is a theme that…

science, innovation and invention

Science Innovation and Invention

History of British Science, Innovation and Invention Science, Innovation and Invention. Explore the science timeline to explore the context and intriguing connections to science and invention over the last thousand years. Drill down into recent articles to find out more about the people and ideas that shaped scientific, technological and engineering advances in Britain. ‘I…

Stern of HMS Victory Portsmouth

Major Events in British History

Major Events in British History This historic theme is an intriguing look at events that have changed the course of history, either on a local or national scale. We have created timelines for various major events which you can access via the links on the timeline at the bottom of this page e.g The War…

Magna Carta

Magna Carta

Magna Carta Magna carta, an historic theme with, as it’s core  principle, that the King has no right to violate the law. Use the timeline and map to understand the many historical intricacies associated with the 1215 document and the life of King John and discover the implications of Magna Carta for yourself.   Explore…

Catherine of Valois

Intriguing People

Intriguing People and their Connections with British History Intriguing people in British history. In this historic theme we muse upon characters we find intriguing. People whose deeds or words capture our imagination find there way onto our time line. What is really intriguing is seeing the people who we know about disparately but who lived…

Intellectual Enlightenment

Intellectual Enlightenment

Intellectual Enlightenment This historic theme of Intellectual Enlightenment, explores the place where rationalism,reason, observation and measurement permeated science, philosophy and art. Use the timeline and map to explore this fascinating time and discover those involved in this new thinking that would benefit everyone in society.   Education is the kindling of a flame not the filling…

The Industrial Revolution

Industrial Revolution

Agricutural and Industrial Revolution Agricultural and Industrial Revolution Agricultural and industrial revolution as a theme of British History, use this theme, the timeline at the bottom of this page and map to explore these two tremendous and complex revolutions that changed 17th century Britain beyond all recognition. From a rural to manufacturing economy, it spurred…

History of Organisations

History of Organisations

History of Organisations The History of Organisations. This historic theme delves into the history of British institutions and organisations, that have supported society for over a thousand years. Use the timelines and maps to discover the history behind the myriad of organisations in Britain.    Organisations have, historically, provided charitable, educational and religious services to…

Edward Coke and British Government and Democracy

Government and Politics

History of Government and Politics in Britain. The History of British Government, Parliament and Politics and its wider impact on the history of Britain.   Parliament will train you to talk and above all other things to hear with patience unlimited quantities of foolish talk. Thomas Carlyle The Glorious Revolution of 1688, in which the…