British Miitary

Convention of London 1840

When Muhammad Ali defeated the Ottomans and took control of not only Egypt and the Sudan but other Ottoman assets including its own naval fleet Austria Britain Prussia and Russia sought to ensure stability but the French backed Muhammad Ali. Hence the British and Austrian troops attacked Acre to force the peace…

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Paris Peace Conference 1919

Was the Paris Peace Conference and four months of wrangling amongst the Allies robbing Germany of its Empire a key document that impacts on British Appeasement Policy in 1938 1939 and was it also a major factor in the problems that led to WW2? In full knowledge of its content is Chamberlain all too aware of its implications and seeks to appease Germany’s imperialist pretensions because of it, or in spite of it. Before we judge Chamberlain should we not take a long hard look at Britain in the ‘interwar years’ and how these outcomes constrain the options available as Baldwin resigns and Chamberlain picks-up the poison chalice.

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Richard I Coeur de Lion Plantagenet King

This entry is part 3 of 7 in the series Plantagenet Monarchs

Richard the First, Richard Coeur de Lion the Lionheart, hero or villain? How does he fit in history why was he so absent from England. A formative member of the House of Angevin as son of Henry II…was he a better King than his younger brother King John?

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Fitzroy The Master Meteorologist

Robert Fitzroy

Robert Fitzroy, not a name that springs readily to mind, unless you listen to the shipping forecast of course. What role did this C19th sailor play in the foundation of a national meteorological office?

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Pals Battalions WWI

Pals battalions

Pals Battalions in WW1. The devastating consequences of the decision to raise ‘Pals’ Battalions, was realised after the Battle of the Somme, when whole communities suffered the terrible shock that a generation of their young men would not be coming home

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