Military Cap Badge Suffolk Regiment

Suffolk Regiment Cap Badge

The Suffolk Regiment is an Infantry unit of the British Army. It was raised in 1685, made up of men from the East Anglian counties of Suffolk and Norfolk, against the threat of a Monmouth Rebellion.

The Suffolk Regiment is also the senior Gibraltar Regiment and the Gibraltar Castle can be seen in the centre of the badge.

    • The badge has a King’s Crown and is therefore issued after 1901. The castle on this badge is the newer standardized castle, showing three turrets with the key suspended below the central gate.
    • This badge was issued until 1958 when the regiment was amalgamated with the Royal Norfolk Regiment.
    • The first battalion served in the Boer war but the 2nd battalion was based in India from 1895 – 1914.
    • The Regiment suffered terribly in WWI, when, at the Battle of Le Cateau, they were completely outnumbered by the enemy.
    • The men of the Suffolk Regiment refused to surrender and by the end of the battle out of approximately 1000 men, 720 of them had been killed, wounded or taken prisoner.

During WWII, the regiment fought in the defence of Singapore. They were forced to surrender and suffered terribly as prisoners of war and few of the men from the regiment survived.

For a full history visit the Suffolk Regiment Museum in Bury St Edmunds Suffolk

Suffolk Regiment

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