Military Cap Badge Identification Help Needed

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Military cap badge identification. Can you help identify this badge?

Occasionally Intriguing History gets requests to help identify various military cap badges and offers of help when we are similarly stumped. Collectors of military badges have such a wealth of expertise it’s rare we can’t resolve a problem of military cap badge identification.

The crown should help with the identification of this badge, could it be a colonial issued badge? If you can help please get in touch through the contact page.

Intriguing History is privileged to have been asked to curate a large collection of military cap badges so we are learning and sharing as we go. A Military Memorabilia and cap badges page has been created which will be updated as we get to each badge. There are about 800 badges so it will take a while. Please feel free to join in as this contributor has, so we can all enjoy this collection.

military cap badge identification

military cap badge identification

military cap badge identification

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