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Royal Defence Corps Cap Badge

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Royal Defence Corps Cap Badge

The Royal Defence Corps Cap Badge is as pictured here during the reign and issue of King George V. The Royal Defence Corps was formed in 1917 (during WW1, the First World War) and the first cap badge had the GRV and Kings Crown and title below. This particular badge is a subsequent issue, a brass disc with the GRV and Kings Crown at the centre with the title around.

Military memorabilia for Royal Defence Corps

British Royal Defence Corps Military Cap Badge


The Royal Defence Corps was raised in the WWI, when more men needed to be released from agriculture to serve at the front. The government created the Women’s Land Army, which released men for the front line but it also allowed older men or young boys to join the Defence Corps and undertake home defence duties, guarding ports, railway yards or main roads, further releasing men for the front line.

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