Cheshire Regiment Cap Badge 1922 – 1958

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The Cheshire Regiment cap badge 1922 – 1958, the history of the regiment goes back much further

In the late 18th century, the threat of invasion from the French posed a real and terrifying problem for the British government. Pitt the prime minister asked the counties to put together Yeomanry units that could respond rapidly to such a threat. Six independent mounted troops were raised in the county during this crisis.

In 1803 they were formed into the Western Cheshire Yeomanry Cavalry and by 1908, were the Earl of Chester’s Regiment of Yeomanry Cavalry.

They were eventually absorbed into the Territorial Force, when it was established in 1908. The newly named Cheshire Yeomanry, the Earl of Chester’s Hussars were composed of part-time soldiers and headquartered in the Old Bank Buildings in Chester.

This is the cap badge of the Cheshire Regiment issued from 1922 – 1958.

Cap Badge of the Cheshire Regiment 1922 - 1958

Cap Badge of the Cheshire Regiment 1922 – 1958

The Cheshire Regiment then became an  infantry regiment of the British Army, part of the Prince of Wales Division

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