R.E.M.E Cap Badge 1942 – 1947

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The R.E.M.E cap badge 1942 – 1947

This is the cap badge of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, made of brass with a King’s crown and a wreath with initial letters R.E.M.E

    • Prior to WWII, the repair of equipment in the army fell to the individual soldier and to the Ordnance Corps
    • In the early years of  WWII it soon became clear that the technical manpower needed to repair the enormous amount of equipment in each theatre of war was woefully lacking.
    • The R.E.M.E was formed on 1st October 1942, it operated on the front line in every major theatre of operations, it was an  indispensable combat corps
    • It formed mobile repair workshops that operated in the field on the continent. Follow the link to learn more about the role of the R.E.M.E  in WWII
Cap badge R.E.M.E

R.E.M.E Cap Badge 1942 – 1947

Intriguing Connections to the R.E.M.E cap badge

    1. It was  R.E.M.E  Major Ivan Hirts, who rebuilt the Volks Wagon factory after the war and produced the ‘Beetle’ motor car. The factory was in a British occupied sector and became a R.E.M.E repair depot.  Hirst was put in overall charge of rebuilding the factory
    2. A great museum to visit  REME Museum of Technology

The reason this post is here is because Intriguing History has had the privilege of curating an enormous collection of cap badges which we wanted to share. We hope that those with much greater knowledge than ourselves will contact us so that we may share more details.




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