Cap Badge Glider Pilot Regiment 1950 – 57

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The cap badge of the Glider Pilot Regiment

The Glider Pilot Regiment was responsible for crewing the gliders, part of the British Airborne units.

They were established in 1942 and disbanded in 1957

The men that made up these crews came mainly from the army and were trained in a glider training squadron but were primarily infantry soldiers who learnt to fly.
After much debate it was decided that the army would supply the crew but the Royal Air Force would train them.

The Glider Pilot Regiment Cap Badge

Glider Pilot Regiment Cap Badge

The reason this post is here is because Intriguing History has had the privilege of curating an enormous collection of cap badges which we wanted to share. We hope that those with much greater knowledge than ourselves will contact us so that we may share more details.


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