Florence Nightingale and Women’s Suffrage

Florence Nightingale and Women’s Suffrage

Florence had a vision that went beyond her incredible organisational and nursing abilities. Her attitudes made her capable of anticipating the dramatic events that would unfold for women in the late stages of the C19th and early C20th.

She wrote  ‘Till a woman can be in possession of her own property there can be no love or justice’ 

In 1867 she declared herself for womens suffrage.

Constantly challenging the social code into which she had been born called for immense resolution and bravery.

Florence Nightingale fought hard for a revolution in standards of nursing and also for the role and position of women in our society.


Florence was highly well known throughout all society in Britain and engaged with issues that were exercising the minds of women from all classes.

The female line in our histories is often overlooked but many of the changes that were to come would have struck at the very heart of their lives


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