Women’s Roles in Edwardian Era

Working women in the Edwardian era

What were women’s roles in the Edwardian era of British history? What changes in society occurred that moved women towards acceptance in the workplace? The events after the Edwardian era would catapult women towards new opportunities.

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History of Women and Work

The employment of women through the second half of the C19th and beyond has long been hidden in the data. As more data is digitized and becomes easier to evaluate it is apparent that women had always been employed in an incredibly wide range of occupations. Seek out the women and their hidden occupations in your family history

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Elizabeth Fry Reformer and Quaker

Elizabeth Fry social reformer

The work of Elizabeth Fry, Quaker and social reformer inspired others such as Florence Nightingale. Her courage and work was outstanding in a time when women were considered to have few roles outside of the family

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Florence Nightingale and Women’s Suffrage

Florence Nightingale and Women’s Suffrage Florence had a vision that went beyond her incredible organisational and nursing abilities. Her attitudes made her capable of anticipating the dramatic events that would unfold for women in the late stages of the C19th and early C20th. She wrote  ‘Till a woman can be in possession of her own…

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