Royal Welsh Fusiliers Cap Badge 1920

The Royal Welsh Fusiliers are one of the oldest regiments in the regular army. The cap badge shown here is all brass and was issued in 1920, with the Prince of Wales ‘fleur de Lys’ at it’s centre.

Intriguing Connections:

  1. Some famous names are connected with the Welsh Fusiliers, including Siegfried Sassoon, decorated in WWI for his bravery on the Western Front, he became one of the best known poets from the war, his work evoking the horrors of life in the trenches.
  2. Find out about the fascinating history behind the Fusiliers as they fought in the American War of Independence, The Napoleonic War, China, Boer War and the Crimean War
Useful resources and sources to further explore the history of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers can be found following the links below or to connect with others who are interested in the Fusiliers
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