World War I

Arthur James Balfour Prime Minister 1902-1905

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Arthur James Balfour was a Prime Minister cut from the old aristocratic mould, an intelligent man who perhaps lacked emotional intelligence to match. Educated at Eton and Cambridge, nephew of Lord Salisbury, his mother’s brother. He would serve in coalition during WWI alongside Lloyd George more than strange bed-fellows. It was then that his now infamous Balfour Declaration would be declared and continues to cited as the root cause of the troubles between the Arab and Zionist causes in Palestine. and modern Israel. Unsuccessful Prime Ministers can be even more important it would seem than those that succeed and the failures may also be greatest when they are no longer in the top job.

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Last Remnants of British Colonial Rule

British Colonial Rule

British Colonial rule. What will the release of the ‘Migrated Archives’ available for examination at The National Archive, tell us about the final demise of the British Empire. Quiet waters or turbulent currents beneath the surface?

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Pals Battalions WWI

Pals battalions

Pals Battalions in WW1. The devastating consequences of the decision to raise ‘Pals’ Battalions, was realised after the Battle of the Somme, when whole communities suffered the terrible shock that a generation of their young men would not be coming home

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