World War I

All Saints Church East Meon

Do you have a family history connection to East Meon in Hampshire? If so, then the church of All Saints, sitting on a rise above the village with Park Hill rising behind it, is as good a place as any to start. Find out what your family connection might be to this beautiful Hampshire village.

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Army Cyclist Corps Cap Badge

The Army Cycle Corps Cap Badge illustrates the great versatility of the bicycle in the C19th and C20th. Not only did the bicycle find it’s way onto the battlefields but it had a powerful impact on women’s rights as well. Quite an achievement for the humble bicycle

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The Work of Emily Hobhouse

Emily Hobhouse, welfare campaigner was loved by the South Africans for the compassion and aid given to their women and children in British prisoner of war camps during the Boer War and vilified by her own people because of that work

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F.A.N.Y Women’s Transport Services Cap Badge 1933 – 1939

Do you have any women in your family tree that served in the military during WWI and WWII? If so, then the story of the women who served in the Women’s Transport Service will be of great interest as they became the parent company for women involved in espionage work in WWII.

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Wiltshire Regiment Cap Badge 1954

The Wiltshire Regiment cap badge is part of the intriguing collection of military cap badges and related history. If anyone in your family tree was serving in any of the major wars in the last 250 years then you will this of interest.

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Gallipoli Campaign 1915 – 1916

Taking position on the shore at Gallipoli

Every battle of WWI, reveals unimaginable horrors but the Gallipoli Campaign, is somehow more haunting, when the ill judged decisions taken by those in command are considered. Gallipoli forced Churchill out of office and established Turkey’s leader in the eyes of the world

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