Wiltshire Regiment Cap Badge 1954

This cap badgebelongs to the historical regiment, that is now the Wiltshire Regiment. The badge  is formed of a Maltese cross with a crown on top and the name of the regiment scrolled underneath and is made of bronze.

Cap badge for the Wiltshire Regiment

Wiltshire Regiment cap badge 1954

History of The Wiltshire Regiment:

    • Originally the 62nd Regiment of Foot, they played many roles, in part acting as marines, the main company were in Ireland protecting Castle Carrickfergus against French attack
    • They were then involved in the American War of Independence
    • They fought in the  Napoleonic Wars and they were then constantly on the move as the British Empire expanded, fighting  in the 1st Sikh War
    • The Regiment fought in the Crimean War and then in the 2nd Boer
    • During WWI the regiment fought at the Battle of Ypres, where they suffered heavy casualties  and then went on to serve in all the major battles
Intriguing Connections:
    1. The cap badge of the Wiltshire Regiment is one of the Fovant  badges carved into the chalk  hillside in Wiltshire, to honour those who died in WWI
If you are interested in family history or have a family connection to anyone who has served in the Wiltshire Regiment then follow the links for more insights into their history. To see more military cap badges from the Intriguing Cap Badge collection then search Artefacts, Objects and Documents
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