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THEME Industrial and Agricultural Revolution

James Brindley Canal Builder

James Brindley Canal Engineer
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James Brindley canal engineer whose work in canal engineering spanned a mere 13 years. How did he manage to achieve so much for the canal building era? His work can still be seen in the centre of Birmingham.

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Spinning Jenny Industrial Revolution?

Spinning Jenny Industrial Revolution

Spinning Jenny Industrial Revolution, what was this invention and what impact did it have on the textile workers of 18th century Britain? Why was the invention necessary and how did it connect with John Kay’s Flying Shuttle?

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The Luddites

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This entry is part 14 of 14 in the series Industrial Revolution
This entry is part 13 of 15 in the series Reformers and Radicals

What made the Luddites riot? Was it worth the loss of 17 lives? Have our attitudes to technology changed or does the fear of the new pervade in our social response to innovation and invention generally or only specifically when it impacts on our ability to earn a fair living? In the early 19th century we see a rebellious element emerge and a collective consciousness of the working class begins to emerge, what other lessons can we learn from what makes the British riot throughout our history? The first in a series of posts and explorations…

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Lancashire Cotton Famine

Lancashire cotton famine
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The Lancashire Cotton Famine was a crisis in the Lancashire cotton industry in the early 1860’s, reminds us of the impact that global events have on individual economies. The world was as connected by trade and war 150 years ago as it is now. Nothing much changes

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Three Abraham Darby’s

Abraham Darby
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Abraham Darby was the first man to use coke in furnaces, his son produced wrought iron and his grandson built the iron bridge at Ironbridge. 3 generations of the same family contributing to the Industrial Revolution.

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