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This site Intriguing History, started as a project with Maps, post-its and good old fashioned Pins in those Maps, coloured pens and attempts to timeline and connect historic events, themes, people over time.

The Blog part - takes snippets we find, might have share on Instagram and connects relates back to the core content we share on this site.  The project goes forwards in 'fits and starts' as we fit around life , family and of course work.

On the Blog we are currently interested in how we can take images, play on patterns in history, mathematics, science, digital engineering and of course DNA to find a few more connections, have a play with photography, images and Instagram and a few quotes and texts here and there. Take it as the lighter side of life, not intense history stuff but a bit of fun along the way...


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Salvador Dali and Edward James collaborated on two artworks together in West Sussex?

By Amanda Moore INW | May 11, 2012

Mae west’s Lips, A Sofa, A Lobster Telephone known as the Aphrodisiac, West Sussex Dali Edwards and life in an english Country House, you have got to admit it is intriguing? Oh yes Edward the Prince of Whales, the Wellcome Foundation and just for good measure Somerset Maughan…oh what a tangled web the people and personalities spin throughout our history…

Samuel Morse Artist & Inventor April 27th 1791

By HB | April 27, 2012

Samuel Morse, both artist and inventor, brought to the world so many extraordinary gifts

Victoria and Albert Museum and it’s Smithfield Connection

By HLB | April 11, 2012

Sir Aston Webb designed the Victoria and Albert Museum but his family history is buried deep in London’s Smithfield where his work restoring the church of St Bartholemew the Great established his reputation as a great architect.

Intriguing Relationships Presidents and Prime Ministers

By Amanda Moore INW | March 13, 2012

An intriguing snippet from David Reynolds (Professor of History at Cambridge University ) and No 10 on the special relationships between prime Ministers and Presidents

The Edward James Foundation

West Dean West Sussex and New Mexico…what do they have in common?

By Amanda Moore INW | March 12, 2012

Edward James a lasting legacy , a great endowment and a mad folly in Mexico? In the heart of the Sussex Downs dont’ miss a treat and enjoy the grandeur of a country house fit for kings with a wonderful opportunity to develop your creative skills…

Connect Martin Luther, Thomas Carlyle and Dickens….

By HLB | March 8, 2012

Intriguing connections made by people across centuries, strands of thoughts and ideals that are never quite lost

Bunhill Fields Burial Ground City of London

By HLB | January 31, 2012

Bunhill Fields, an absolutely fascinating place to visit irrespective of whether you have nonconformists in your family or not, the history alone is mesmerising..

UK’s 1st Nuclear powered Submarine Dreadnought footage1963

By Amanda Moore INW | January 26, 2012

Why did we build the UK’s first Nuclear Submarine in Barrow and why is the answer down to our Victorian Ancestors? Share your views, information and insights or connections…

Friend of General Major J E B Seely lived here during WWI

Sir Alfred Munnings Flower Loft Lamorna Cove Cornwall

By Amanda Moore INW | January 24, 2012

Flower Loft and some important years in Lamorna Cove for Sir Alfred Munnings friend of War Horse Inspiration Major General J E B Seely and his horse Warrior…

Isambard Kingdom Brunel & Florence Nightingale a Connection

By Amanda Moore INW | January 23, 2012

What is the connection between two great British heros, Isambard Kingdom Brunel and Florence Nightingale?