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Sir Hugh Myddleton

Sir Hugh Myddletons New River Head a lasting Mark on London

Sir Hugh Myddleton was a brilliant 17th century engineer who was in part responsible for improving the water supply to London via the New River project which still provides 8% of the capitals water supply.

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The Tower of London.

The Tower of London still stands as a symbol for the strength and greatness of the city of London, occupying a position as afortress for nearly two thousand years.

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Evolution of the Anglo Saxon Chronicle

Anglo Saxon chronicles

The Anglo Saxon Chronicles evolved over several hundred years to become the unique resource of early historical accounts we can access online today. Read them carefully and with related documents and sources across place and time and subject and you can make some intriguing connections to the areas of history that you are interested in, find out about their origin and access them online from here…you can read the translations studya nd interpret yourself, not just rely on the layers of opinion much of which is founded on these early sources.

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King Offa’s Gold Coin

King Offa's gold coin

A unique gold coin lies in the British Museum, with Islamic script engraved on it and the name of a King of England, Offa. Minted over twelve hundred years ago its origin and purpose continues to raise questions

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King Offa 757 – 796

King Offa

The life of King Offa is riddled with surprises. Just who was this man who became the first acknowledged overlord of all the Kingdoms of England, who built great structures across the landscape and yet whose intellect took him to the courts of Charlemagne?

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The Crusades A Background


The Crusades are a well recognized part of our history but what do we know about the background to the crusades of the C11th and C12th. What motivated men to take up arms and travel hundreds of miles to fight in a land and against a people they knew little or nothing about?

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Ethelbert Anglo Saxon King of Kent 552-616

The King that welcomed Augustine and helped sowed the seed of Christianity as the monarchs Religion, encouraging his subjects to conversion, and the reason for the centre of the Church of England being in Cantebury.

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Wellcome Trust Mapping Britain’s Genealogy

The Wellcome Trust’s map of British Genealogy reveals some fascinating insights into the DNA make up of the British Isles and heralds a whole new area of scientific and historical research. Just how Anglo Saxon are we? Go and see for yourself at The Royal Society’s summer exhibition.

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