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Intriguing Relationships Presidents and Prime Ministers

An intriguing snippet of history from No 10 Downing Street posted this afternoon, coincides with a timely meeting between David Cameron and Barack Obama, hopefully for all our sakes continuing a trend. Given our history amazing turnaround over the centuries…

The post is by written historian David Reynolds, Professor of International History at University of Cambridge, so not a trivial view…”concerned with the personal dimension: the role of face-to-face meetings between presidents and premiers in forging closer bonds between the two countries.

Some interesting connections inevitably and whilst edited by Downing Street’a History and Policy Team worth a browse and reflection how special relationships have been relied upon in times of crisis…

Do you have any intriguing connections with prime minister and presidents or family members who worked in proximity to these historic players on the world stage…what interesting conversations they must be to observe.

If you look at the link you can also see a video with David Cameron’s musings on Churchill as his favourite Prime Minister, well whatever your party politics he did do PPE…

Prime Ministers as mirrors to the times in which they were in office, is it like society, we get the society we all create…?

Just a topical snippet with the transatlantic meeting about to take place.

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