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This site Intriguing History, started as a project with Maps, post-its and good old fashioned Pins in those Maps, coloured pens and attempts to timeline and connect historic events, themes, people over time.

The Blog part - takes snippets we find, might have share on Instagram and connects relates back to the core content we share on this site.  The project goes forwards in 'fits and starts' as we fit around life , family and of course work.

On the Blog we are currently interested in how we can take images, play on patterns in history, mathematics, science, digital engineering and of course DNA to find a few more connections, have a play with photography, images and Instagram and a few quotes and texts here and there. Take it as the lighter side of life, not intense history stuff but a bit of fun along the way...


Abraham Darby

Three Abraham Darby’s

By HLB | January 21, 2012
This entry is part 4 of 14 in the series Industrial Revolution

Abraham Darby was the first man to use coke in furnaces, his son produced wrought iron and his grandson built the iron bridge at Ironbridge. 3 generations of the same family contributing to the Industrial Revolution.

Dorset and Botany Bay

By Amanda Moore INW | January 20, 2012
This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series Australian Migration

What connects Dorset and Botany Bay? If any of your family were transported to Australia this will be of interest to you

American War, prison hulks, Joseph Banks, Australia. Connect!

By HLB | January 20, 2012

The American War, Joseph Banks, prison hulks and Australia, what connects them all? Connections exist across all areas of history including our own, it’s just a matter of discovering them

Dickens, Fry, Nightingale, Darwin, Wordsworth and Martineau. What are their intriguing connections?

By Amanda Moore INW | January 19, 2012

Intriguing connections between famous people make us view historic times and events differently

Elizabeth Fry social reformer

Elizabeth Fry Reformer and Quaker

By Amanda Moore INW | January 19, 2012

The work of Elizabeth Fry, Quaker and social reformer inspired others such as Florence Nightingale. Her courage and work was outstanding in a time when women were considered to have few roles outside of the family

Founding of ‘The Religious Society of Friends’ or Quakers

By HLB | January 17, 2012

The founding of The Religious Society of Friends’ began a movement that spread across the UK and into America

Ada Lovelace 1815 – 1852 and the first computer programme

By Amanda Moore INW | January 13, 2012
This entry is part 3 of 12 in the series Intriguing Women

Aususta Ada Lovelace was a brilliant mathematician who took Charles Babbage’s analytical machine a step further, so why don’t we know more about her?

2012 Full Moon

The Lunar Society bringing together brilliant minds

By HLB | January 9, 2012
This entry is part [part not set] of 14 in the series Industrial Revolution

Industrial RevolutionJohn Wilkinson Ironmaster James Watt Industrial Revolution What Caused the Industrial Revolution? The Luddites The Lunar Society bringing together brilliant minds John Kay Inventor of the Flying Shuttle Lancashire Cotton Famine Northampton and the First Cotton Spinning Mill 1742 Three Abraham Darby’s John Kay 1753-54 House destroyed by machine breakers…keeps inventing Silk making machinery 1745 Population England & Wales 1780 James Brindley Canal Builder Repeal of Calico Act 1774The Lunar Society bringing together brilliant minds The Lunar Society bringing together brilliant minds happened because of a full moon. Those who joined together to become the ‘Lunar Circle’ or ‘Lunar Club’ as it was formerly known in 1775. The meetings of these fellows, with such fertile minds changed an age. The original ‘Lunarmen’,  gathered together for lively dinner conversations. They met on nights of the full moon, so that they might have a safe journey home, in the absence of street lighting,  from their Birmingham meeting place. They met around Birmingham, between 1765 and 1813 when the city was the hub of the Industrial Revolution and as such it brought together some of the most brilliant and forceful thinkers of their time. It was an exclusive club, carefully picking out its members of whom there were never more than fourteen at any time. It encouraged others to join them as special or visiting lecturers, names such as Richard Arkwright, Benjamin Franklin, Jefferson, Anna Seward and many others are also attached to the Lunar Society. Members of the Lunar Society. The list of…

Sol Finkelstein found what happened to his father after waiting 63 years...

World Memory Project: US Holocaust Museum teams-up with the world

By Amanda Moore INW | January 8, 2012

World Memory Project – teams-up with Ancestry so we can transcribe the records freely and faster, hear this video with Sol Finkelmen’s moving story just one of millions…If ever there was a compelling reason for family history research, this has to be it…

Cambridge University

Trinity College Cambridge Alumni Masters and Fellows of distinction

By Amanda Moore INW | January 7, 2012
This entry is part [part not set] of 2 in the series Intriguing Resources
This entry is part [part not set] of 1 in the series Intriguing Cambridge

Philopshers Poets, Prime Ministers, Scientific Pioneers, Politicians and Social reformers with 32 Nobel prize winners quite an impressive list through history, did any of your family attend Trinity Cambridge or Oxford…