World Memory Project: US Holocaust Museum teams-up with the world

This is a great initiative to share and speed-up the process of enabling families to connect with their lost family and past by using ‘crowdsourcing’ to help with the transcription of the archive. The US Holocaust Museum has teamed up with Ancestry, so that individuals from all around the world can help contribute to helping get this information backinto the hands of the families it belongs to.

If there are any records that really need to be transcribed these have to be near the top of the list.

This first video is the story of one man and his son and how the archive has helped them find out and resolve a life-long angst as to ‘what happened to my father.’

If you have ever wondered why we all bother and what you might do to make a small contribution to the archive sof the world, this is a great way to start…just play the video, take a look at the website and consider becoming an Ancestry   transcriber, just a little time and an internet connection is all you need….

World Memory Project Sol Finkelstein’s story “Yes that’s my father” Video

Sol Finkelstein found what happened to his father after waiting 63 years...

Sol Finkelstein Yes That’s My Father

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Check out some of the resources on the World memory Project: REMEMBER ME, if you would like to research or contribute to the family history in connection with the Holocaust you might like to start here

To find out more and decide whether to join for free the World Memory Project

For more information about the Holocaust and WWII on Intriguing History


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