UK’s 1st Nuclear powered Submarine Dreadnought footage1963

Modern history ‘the nuclear age’ inextricably tied to the traditions of our Victorian ancestors and the Furness Railway that facilitated the transport of the materials on which ship-building in Barrow-in-Furness was founded.

Video footage with thanks to Pathe:


  • Queen Elizabeth named and launched the Ship as shown on this old news reel.
  • The history of the railway still impacts upon our families, lives and impacts on the economy
  • It always struck me as weird as to why we would build so many ships in the north of England, when most of the major naval and commercial ports and activity took place further south?
  • You can always visit the Dock Museum or Search the Vickers Photographic Archive online

The impact of transport and the industrial revolution continues to underpin much of all our family histories, it’s not just a case of were your ancestors  railway workers or ship-builders but how the work and industry that persists in an area affects everyone in that community.


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