The Golden Hind

Golden Hind London

The Golden Hind will be part of Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee flotilla down the Thames, what impact did Drakes voyage have on the nation just over 430 years ago?

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Old Ships Pictures and photos

Search an intriguing collection of ships pictures, lists and names of shipping companies, so useful when it comes to material to explore and extend your own family history

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Sinking of SS Princess Alice 1878

Passenger Ship SS Princess Alice
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The highest ever loss of civilian life in UK territorial waters was the sinking of the SS Princess Alice in 1878. The loss of a ship seems to resonate deeply with the people of the British Isles and this disaster caused a nation to grieve

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Portsmouth Dockyard

The closure of the Royal Dockyard at Portsmouth would bring to an end over 5oo years of Royal Naval ship building history in Hampshire

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Tension between East India Company & British Government 1784

Tension East India Company and British Government The East India Company Act of 1784 The British presence in India was a result of the trading opportunities grasped by the East India Company way back at the start of the C17th. The company monopolised trade, had it’s own armies and ruled and regulated itself. The 18th century saw…

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