Samuel Morse Artist & Inventor April 27th 1791

Samuel Morse known as the inventor of the Morse Code.

Samuel Finley Breece Morse was born on 27th April 1791 in Charleston Massachusets. 

Morse was an intriguing character, ahead of his time, using his keen intellect to explore the developments that came out of the age of Enlightenment

He was a gifted man, embracing both the arts and the sciences.

Gallery of The Louvre

    • He studied at Yale College and then went on to study art in Boston, coming to the Royal Academy of Art in London in 1811.
    • He became one of the most respected artists of his time. One of his most well known works is the painting ‘Gallery of the Louvre’ 1831-33.

However his interests extended far beyond the world of art.

    • He was in every sense an experimental scientist, fascinated by electricity

      Samuel Morse

    • Samuel Morse explored telegraphy and took what was a complicated system and invented the one wire telegraphic device.
    • It produced a line on a ticker tape, where the dip in the line had to be decoded into letters and numbers using a dictionary composed by morse. This wasn’t totally successful and he improved the system and created a dot dash code.

In 1838 at an exhibition of his telegraph in New York, Morse transmitted 10 words per minute using the ‘Morse Code’ that would become standard throughout the world.

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