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Civil Engineering

Iron Bridge Coalbrook Dale

Iron Bridge Coalbrook Dale

The iron bridge near Coalbrook Dale is a humbling testament to the skill of ironworkers over two hundred years ago. The spectacular Severn gorge that carves its way through layers of limestone, coal and iron ore is a striking natural feature that gave rise to the most important industrialised landscape of the C18th. The River…

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Sir Hugh Myddleton

Sir Hugh Myddletons New River Head a lasting Mark on London

Sir Hugh Myddleton was a brilliant 17th century engineer who was in part responsible for improving the water supply to London via the New River project which still provides 8% of the capitals water supply.

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Portsmouth Dockyard

The closure of the Royal Dockyard at Portsmouth would bring to an end over 5oo years of Royal Naval ship building history in Hampshire

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Three Abraham Darby’s

Abraham Darby
This entry is part 3 of 14 in the series Industrial Revolution

Abraham Darby was the first man to use coke in furnaces, his son produced wrought iron and his grandson built the iron bridge at Ironbridge. 3 generations of the same family contributing to the Industrial Revolution.

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1841 British Census and the wider world

Put the 1841 British census in a world wide context, by taking a look at some of the global events that had an impact on the lives of our ancestors, see how your family history connects to the past.

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Telford’s Menai Straits Bridge 1826

Thomas Telford’s Menai Straits Bridge opened on 30th January 1826. It was the first modern suspension bridge. For some great pictures of the bridge and to read about Robert Stephenson’s rail bridge, follow the link. Related posts:The new London Bridge opened 1831 The old London bridge was a bridge like no other. It was a…

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