Who declared war on Britain in 1812?

During the Napoleonic war, Britain was concerned with preventing France from trading with neutral countries, including America.

    • The Navy sought out and intercepted American merchant vessels
    •  Sometimes they removed the crew and ‘pressed’ them into serving the King’s Navy.
    • Needless to say the Americans were not happy with this turn of events
    • On 12th June 1812, they declared war on Britain.
This war continued for several years to 1815 and it was fought on several fronts
    • At sea
    • Along the Atlantic coast with several large scale raids inland and a devastating blockade
    • Along the frontier between Upper and Lower Canada and the US
    • Along the Gulf of Mexico
The outcome was probably more significant for America and Canada than for Britain, who were more concerned with defeating the French
Intriguing Connections
  1. Did Canada emerge from this war a stronger entity and was this the beginning of it starting to have a greater sense of national security and pride?
  2. To find out more about the history of Canada, including description of the 1812 war watch the link below

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