Royal Navy

Fitzroy The Master Meteorologist

Robert Fitzroy

Robert Fitzroy, not a name that springs readily to mind, unless you listen to the shipping forecast of course. What role did this C19th sailor play in the foundation of a national meteorological office?

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Portsmouth Dockyard

The closure of the Royal Dockyard at Portsmouth would bring to an end over 5oo years of Royal Naval ship building history in Hampshire

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Tailors and Family History

A plethora of tailors and dressmakers in our own family trees made us stop and think about the role of the tailor in the community and how they went about their everyday work and we will get to that but first Many in our families were tailors in Hampshire between Portsmouth and Hambledon. It just…

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Captain James Cook Mariner Navigator born 1728 Yorkshire

Where was Capt James Cook born in 1728 and what led to his distinguished naval career pioneering navigation…did your relatives know him, was your family connected and did any of your family sail with him on his famous expeditions, see our series of James Cook posts…

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Captain Cook 1728 – 1779

An amazing wealth of geographical and scientific knowledge resulted from the expeditions undertaken by Captain Cook and his crew. They were pivotal in advancing Britain’s colonial aspirations

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Gallipoli Campaign 1915 – 1916

Taking position on the shore at Gallipoli

Every battle of WWI, reveals unimaginable horrors but the Gallipoli Campaign, is somehow more haunting, when the ill judged decisions taken by those in command are considered. Gallipoli forced Churchill out of office and established Turkey’s leader in the eyes of the world

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Who declared war on Britain in 1812?

This war fought between the British and Americans, probably had more ramifications for the Canadians and the Americans than the British. Canada emerged with a heightened sense of national security

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