Captain Cook 1728 – 1779

James Cook was an English navigator and often considered to be our greatest explorer. 

Born into a poor family, he became an apprentice on a Whitby ship and then joined the Royal Navy in 1755.

Captain James Cook

Captain James Cook

His talent was soon recognized and in 1779 Cook became Master of the Mercury, sailing to Canada. He surveyed the Lawrence River and was responsible for piloting the fleet whcih went on to take Quebec.

He was a brilliant cartographer and navigator, the maps he drew of the Canadian coastline were incredibly accurate, his understanding of astronomy and mathematics were excellent and so when the Royal Society in  1768 requested the admiralties help in observing the transit of Venus at Tahiti, Cook was given the job.

So began his amazing voyages through the southern oceans

Were any of your ancestors on board with Cook on these voyages?  Take a look at the Endeavor crew lists by following the link.

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