Lancashire Old Maps for family and local history research

Resources for you to explore, we will update this post with the interesting resources as we locate them, the aim is to provide us all with an easy way to find the most relevant resources available for your projects:

  1. Here is the Old Lancs boundary Map on Vision of Britain drawn from data collected 1870,180 and 1899
  2. Great index of old maps of Lancashire and places within the boundaries on the county council site, click here for the index
  3. They also have a useful web application you can use interactively well worth a look, click here to open their GIS called Mario. It also has a set of historic mapping layers so if you have a family link to Lancs well worth a look for some insights.


Historical Place names of Lancashire: over time we can see from old maps names and in particular spellings can be radically different from their modern names, boundaries change, but for your and our projects we find its better to be able to find the geographic locations alongside the modern names and spellings. We are considering how this can be done using free online maps and how to create a database f the old names.

If you would like to contribute or be involved in adding one or more historical place names for Lancashire, so they show up and can be located on the modern online maps then please just contact us here

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