King John’s Will

King John's Will

King John’s will or testament is held in the Worcester Cathedral archive, it is the oldest original will of any English monarch and is concerned with securing succession.

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Henry III Plantagenet King 1207-1272

King Henry III Plantagenet
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His father King John was not much of a role model, so how would his son inheriting at just 9 years of age cope? He started with guidance of great statesmen but would he be governed by their wise council? What would Henry III contribute to the development of a nation…

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Eleanor of Aquitaine Mother of English Kings

Mother of Kings Henry III Richard I and John

Wealthy educated and powerful and that was just at 15, married to the Kings of France and England, forging the most powerful alliance in Northern Europe with the Angevin Empire created with the marriage to Henry II, through their complex family relationships, two sons would be King of England and many of her grandchildren would form the basis of the bloodlines of the important European Kingdoms for centuries to come, this was a woman on which history pivots…

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