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THEME Science, engineering and innovation

C17th Human Dissection and Resurectionists

The enlightenment period of the C17th brought with it a new approach to science based on observation and experimentation and with that came the practice of human dissection in open observation anatomical theatres.

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Wellcome Trust Mapping Britain’s Genealogy

The Wellcome Trust’s map of British Genealogy reveals some fascinating insights into the DNA make up of the British Isles and heralds a whole new area of scientific and historical research. Just how Anglo Saxon are we? Go and see for yourself at The Royal Society’s summer exhibition.

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Foretelling The Future. The Science of Hooke and Higgs

Hooke and Hggs Boson Collision of Particles

Robert Hooke’s memorial tablet in St Paul’s Cathedral, calls Hooke ‘One of the most ingenious men who ever lived’, Hooke had the ability to creatively question science, to prompt debate and hopefully to make others think about future developments, even hundreds of years after his death. Peter Higgs never thought that his theories and predictions would be realized in his lifetime, just like Hooke and other great scientists his work has paved the way for others to think creatively and the result has been the discovery of the Higg’s Boson.

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