Medieval Leprosy

Medieval leprosy

Medieval leprosy was a complicated part of Medieval society. The idea of the leper as being a carrier of disease is too simplistic. The leper was a person who carried the outward mark of sin, whose purgatory on Earth would be rewarded in heaven.

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Royal Arms In Church

Arms King James I

Royal Arms can be found in many English parish churches but are easy to overlook. The question is what was their purpose and what can we learn about English history by studying them?

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Church Seals and Arms

Church seals and arms Bishop Benedictus

Church seals and arms appear in many of England’s churches and cathedrals but what were they for and what do they tell us about the church in the C13th?

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Temple Church London 1185-2012

Temple Church london

The spirtual centre in the UK for the Knights Templar, how much is fable and what are the facts? From Temple to the Inns of Court, the significance of the Round, the importance of the effigies and a most extraordinary knight William Marshall together with the reason and consequence for Heraclius’s presence in London…

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Iona heart of Celtic Christianity

Book of Kells on Intriguing History's Church and Religion

Iona the centre of the development of Celtic Christianity the base with Lindisfarne from which Pagan Northumbria is converted, possible place of creation of the masterpiece and artefact of illuminated manuscript the Book of Kells leaving an enduring imprint on our history…

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Thomas Becket and Henry II

The relationship between Henry King of England and Thomas, banker turned confidant and Archbishop was probably one of the most intriguing in English history.

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Nonconformist Burial Churchyard

Many of us have nonconformists in our family history but we are not always aware of it. Search through the records of nonconformist burial grounds to see if you can trace that elusive ancestor….

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