THEME Empire and colonialism

Paris Peace Conference 1919

Was the Paris Peace Conference and four months of wrangling amongst the Allies robbing Germany of its Empire a key document that impacts on British Appeasement Policy in 1938 1939 and was it also a major factor in the problems that led to WW2? In full knowledge of its content is Chamberlain all too aware of its implications and seeks to appease Germany’s imperialist pretensions because of it, or in spite of it. Before we judge Chamberlain should we not take a long hard look at Britain in the ‘interwar years’ and how these outcomes constrain the options available as Baldwin resigns and Chamberlain picks-up the poison chalice.

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Richard I Coeur de Lion Plantagenet King

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Richard the First, Richard Coeur de Lion the Lionheart, hero or villain? How does he fit in history why was he so absent from England. A formative member of the House of Angevin as son of Henry II…was he a better King than his younger brother King John?

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Angevin and Plantagenet Empire

Fontevraud Abbey

What led to the downfall of the Anjevin Empire? Where does the word Plantagenet come from? When did the French last successfully invade england? A converging and connecting point in history between empires and dynasties find out more with this linked chrnology…

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Last Remnants of British Colonial Rule

British Colonial Rule

British Colonial rule. What will the release of the ‘Migrated Archives’ available for examination at The National Archive, tell us about the final demise of the British Empire. Quiet waters or turbulent currents beneath the surface?

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Reconnecting with Burma

Reonnecting Burma and Britain

Our strong historical connections with Burma are remembered today as the British prime minister David Cameron visits Burma. The names of Rangoon and Mandalay form strong visions in the minds of many as we reconnect with this beautiful and strategically important country

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Lancashire Cotton Famine

Lancashire cotton famine
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The Lancashire Cotton Famine was a crisis in the Lancashire cotton industry in the early 1860’s, reminds us of the impact that global events have on individual economies. The world was as connected by trade and war 150 years ago as it is now. Nothing much changes

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