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 Agricola was a Roman General who was Governor of Britain in 77AD

Agricola was a most effective Roman General, who in a series of campaigns from 77AD to 84AD, managed to conquer the Celts in the west of Britain, establish a formidable stronghold at what is now Chester and then gain control of the Celts in the northern lands.

He is probably best known for his military success at the Battle of Mons Graupius

This was an incredible achievement, he took thousands of Roman soldiers to the Highlands of what is now Scotland, called Caledonia by the Romans, the description meaning leading tribe, and fought these northern Celts on their own exceedingly difficult territory.

Much is known about Agricola because his son in law was the historian Tacitus

Tacitus gives the reader the best description we have of the Roman occupation of Britain and context to the Roman Empire. A companion guide to his works can be found online. 

Tacitus tells us his father in law remarks on the people of Britain as;

‘people living in isolation and ignorance’ who are therefore ‘prone to fight’.



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