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 Boudica, the name resonates down the centuries, her image put bold upon our coins. She stands astride her chariot in  England’s capital city London.Boudica symbolizes Britain. BUT WHY?

Boudica led her people, the Iceni’s to rebel against the Romans when they did not give due respect to her husband, King Prasutagus’s, will and took control of all her husbands land and his possessions. They then violated her and her daughters and for this, she turned a ferocious force upon them.

She ruled during the period of early Roman occupation in Britain

Like others, when the Romans first occupied Britain, the Iceni were allies of the Romans, it was better to try and co-exist with the invader than to confront them. Following the defamation of first her husbands position and then the violation of herself and her daughters and her people, Boudica joined forces with other Celtic tribes and led them into battle against the Romans.

On three occasions, at Colchester, London and St. Albans, they overtook the Romans but they lost the crucial Battle of Watling Street. It was a devastating defeat and the remaining Iceni were dispersed or were captured and taken into slavery.

The Battle of Watling Street was a definitive moment in the Roman occupation of  Britain. They had mastered the Celts and would remain in occupation of Britain for a further 300  years.

Boudica died in about 60 AD

Read what the British Musem has to say about Boudica. To answer the question why she still represents Britain, she symbolizes the strength of the British to stand and fight in the face of foreign oppression.

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