Secrets of Great British Castles

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Secrets of Great British Castles

Dover Castle built by Henry II Chapel dedicated to Beckett King John and Rebel Barons

Dover Castle or Battle Castle Dover in Kent a spectacular setting for a Great British Castle featured in Channel 5 Dan Jones documentary episode 1

Secrets of Great British Castles is a new Channel 5 Documentary series presented by Dan Jones Historian and successful published author including bestsellers the Plantagenets and more recently The Hollow Crown has now hit the small screen (TV.) The series kicked-off with an engaging romp around Dover Castle. Catchup with it if you can well worth a view and recording. Dover castle has a great heritage but is also known as Battle Castle Dover. The video below by the Castle team gives you an idea with some brilliant flyovers why it is still such an impressive castle to this day.

Built by King Henry II grandson of William the Conqueror, with a chapel he built dedicated to his late friend, Archbishop and subsequent saint Thomas Becket. There is a tremendous story to tell and links to the machinations of King John, Magna Carta and the invasion at the invitation of the Rebellious Barons of the King of France literally undermining the rock based foundations of Dover Castle. He may may have been invited by how many of us know that William the Conqueror was not the last French noble to invade Britain?

Dover Castle Roman Lighthouse

Remains of the Roman Lighthouse another intriguing find within the walls of Dover castle

That is far from the end of its significance as a British Castle, with its position poised at the nearest point to France and hence the most vulnerable point to invasion. As the series says a fact not missed by successive aggressors including Napoleon and Hitler.

Looks like the series has got to be worth a  digital bookmark and maybe a visit if you can squeeze one into Dover Castle.
Take a look at these flyovers, what a fantastic site to still be in tact. We forget how lucky we are in this country to still have these to enjoy and learn about

Want to explore more about Dover Castle?

  1. If you would like to visit inside the Castle, it is an English heritage Site, tickets for adults £18 so make sure you get the best ticket for the family and make the most of your visit, links to English Heritage site here.
  2. If you want to read some more there is a fantastic bibliography available here  on Gatehouse Gazetteer.
  3. Friends of Dover Castle work hard to support the accessibility and sharing of the history of the Castle, here is a link to their page about the Medieval Tunnels. These were  used to defend, evade and invade during the troubles of the French King’s attack and the defence by King John after he obtained the papal bull that enable him to breach Magna Carta.


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