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The Treaty of Winchester

Treaty of Winchester

The Treaty of Winchester is a very important historical document that brought England’s first civil war known as the Anarchy to an end. The treaty also changed the course of history

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The Cult of Chivalry

cult of chivalry

The cult of chivalry was born out of the military culture that existed in the 11th century Chivalry was a code of honour for military warriors to follow. These men came from part of the elite ‘aristocratic’ society that existed at the time. Quite literally, the word chivalry came from the French word ‘chevalerie’ meaning…

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Secrets of Great British Castles

Dover castle King John Rebel Wars Thomas Beckett and henry II
This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series Great castles and Fortresses

Great British Castles kicks-off in Episode 1 narrated and presented by Dan Jones, there are some intriguing connections to explore but see the flyover video and you will see the series looks set to provide some insights to some impressive historic fortresses. Catch our links to Dover and its historical context but whatever you do don’t miss the series.

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Battle of Fulford Gate 1066

Harald Hardrada last Viking King invaded England
This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series 1066 The Normans are Coming

Harald Hardrada or was it Hardraada (the Ruthless) conspired with the disaffected Tostig brother of the rightful King, (according to the late King Edward anyway) sets out to conquer York. Without this battle would William of Normandy have ever become King and won at Hastings? Follow the great local projects at the site of the battle and find out how history turned on what we think of as minor skirmishes but were really significant Battles. Two Battles north in 5 days and a forced march up and back down his realm can topple a King and his kingdom.

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