Harthacnut King of the Danes and the English

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King Harthacnut  of the House of Denmark

King Harthacnut was born in 1017 shortly after his parent’s marriage, his father had set aside his previous wife and agreed with Emma that their son and heir would be King. He was the only legitimate son of King Cnut by Queen Emma, he was King of the Danes (1028-1042) and the English (1040-1042.) He is buried in Winchester Cathedral.

He was prevented from acquiring England after his father, CNUT’s death by the military threat to his Danish kingdom by Magnus of Norway. The throne of England was taken by Harold I Harefoot. Harefoot’s death in 1040 made it unnecessary for Harthacnut to invade to seize the throne of England.

His reign was a short one, notable only for brutal acts and for inviting the return of Edward, the Confessor to England, which would eventually ensure the restoration of England to a descendant of the House of Wessex dynasty. For more information and connections to the House of Denmark click here


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