Anne Boleyn’s Execution Speech

When in 1532 Anne Boleyn finally gave in and slept with King Henry VIII and then in 1533 secretly married him, she as good as sealed her own death warrant. She was the first English Queen to be executed and her execution speech is a paradox of the journey which brought her to the block.…

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King Henry V

King Henry V of England is portrayed as a a great military ruler, Shakespeare did his best to represent Henry as a ‘golden King’ but was he really a cruel and aloof man whose autocratic leadership, piety and belief he was God’s chosen put him at odds with those he ruled?

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The Edwardian Era

The Edwardian era lasted only nine years and yet it was an age of social change and political and intellectual brilliance, what happened in this ear to promote such change?

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Who Was Emma of Normandy?

Queen Emma of Normandy
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Queen Emma, twice Queen of England and gatekeeper to the Norman dynasty, is one of histories most intriguing Medieval women. What was her role in the melee of Viking, Anglo Saxon and Norman rule?

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Caroline of Ansbach Wife of King George II

Caroline of Ansbach
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Caroline of Ansbach, Queen Consort to George II, described her son as a filthy beast, was friends with Leibnitz the philosopher and Walpole the politican. She was a shrewd and intelligent woman who played the game of royalty with considerable skill.

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VE Day 1945 King George VI Speech

VE Day 1945 King George VI Speech an inspired reading at this week’s service in Westminster Abbey commemorating the end of WW2 in Europe VE Day on 8th May. Did you hear the The King’s Speech, how much does a national act of commemoration provide a timely reminder of the need to give back and participate and not just leave it all to the political class?

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George Duke of Clarence

Clarences had three children Edward Margaret and Richard
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George Duke of Clarence may have been the only legitimate heir in the House of York he married the Kingmaker’s daughter what happened to their children? Margaret of York, Edward Plantagenet and Richard of York were born to rank and privilege but how would their lives stand-up to the brutal times of the War of the Roses?

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Who was Catherine of Valois?

Catherine of Valois
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Who was Catherine of Valois whose short life included being the daughter of a King, married to one, the mother of one and the grandmother of another? One of history’s most interesting characters from the 15th century.

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