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This site Intriguing History, started as a project with Maps, post-its and good old fashioned Pins in those Maps, coloured pens and attempts to timeline and connect historic events, themes, people over time.

The Blog part - takes snippets we find, might have share on Instagram and connects relates back to the core content we share on this site.  The project goes forwards in 'fits and starts' as we fit around life , family and of course work.

On the Blog we are currently interested in how we can take images, play on patterns in history, mathematics, science, digital engineering and of course DNA to find a few more connections, have a play with photography, images and Instagram and a few quotes and texts here and there. Take it as the lighter side of life, not intense history stuff but a bit of fun along the way...


Charles Dickens knew Florence Nightingale

By Amanda Moore INW | December 19, 2011

We so often study the lives of famous people and their activities in isolation, what is intriguing is when you find how the lives of these people were meshed together

History Repeating Itself Theme

By Amanda Moore INW | December 19, 2011

A New theme emerging does history repeat itself and what does that mean for family history?

Battle of Bull Run 1861 American Civil War Animated Map Snippet

By Amanda Moore INW | December 18, 2011

Maps migration and the American Civil war an intriguing snippet of the possible connections and resources available t family historians. The American Civil War did it touch your family history, if you had family members and ancestors in America at the time of the civil war what were they doing and did they sign-up?

“Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus”

By Amanda Moore INW | December 12, 2011

What links Santa Claus, Mark Twain and the village of Sleepy Hollow?

London Library 1841

By Amanda Moore INW | December 12, 2011

The London Library is an inspirational institution with many intriguing connections to people such as Charles Dickens

Publication of a Christmas Carol…19 Dec 1843

By Amanda Moore INW | December 10, 2011

Charles Dickens a Chrismas Carol, what inspires philanthropy and what was it’s impact on family history…published 19 December 1843

New Zealand leads the way with Women’s Vote 1893

By Amanda Moore INW | December 10, 2011

Did New Zealand lead the way in women’s rights and suffrage?

Christmas takes off in the Victorian Period particularly in the 1840’s

By Amanda Moore INW | December 10, 2011

Christmas when did it take-off?

Intriguing Snippets

By Amanda Moore INW | December 10, 2011

Take a look at our concise and continuously updated Intriguing Snippets of History with the family historian in mind…

Empire and Colonialism

By Amanda Moore INW | December 7, 2011

The theme of Empire and colonialism because it is this that charts the history of Britain from the C16th. The main thread of British expansion and imperialism is the history of the overseas trade routes….