Battle of Bull Run 1861 American Civil War Animated Map Snippet

Maps Migration and the American Civil War an intriguing snippet connections and resources for family historians.

Fascinated by the light and insight maps can bring to history here from the American Civil War Trust is an animated map and vide0 account of this battle. Ther American Civil War Trust have some useful and helpful resources which will be included on our IFH (Intriguing Family History’s) Curated directory of themed resources.

The American Civil War often touches family history well beyond US shores, due to migration of particularly British and Europeans to the USA before and around that period. Hence again there are some intriguing connections to explore including in one example where a painter and decorator arrives in NYC and ends up signing-up for the union in the American Civil War.

So we see a conjunction between Migration and Major Events like the American Civil War which can help reveal insights into why migrants can become difficult to trace when they are known to have migrated to the US around thee time of the American Civil War.

In this intriguing snippet see in this video link : Battle of Bull Run (First Manassas) July 21, 1861 .  Bull Run (First Manassas) would become the largest and bloodiest battle in American history up to that time.

  • Learn about the movements of the two armies as they engage in the first major combat of the American Civil War.
  • McDowell’s Federal army make its bold flank attack.
  • Stonewall Jackson establishing a stout line atop Henry Hill and the final Confederate assaults on Chinn Ridge.
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