History Repeating Itself Theme

We all hear,see, perceive and possibly imagine that history repeats itself…but does it, and if so what does this tell us in the context of trying to better understand our family history? Afterall world history is just the sum of a lot of families and their social interaction as nations isn’t it?
History echoes, reflects and appears to repeat itself, does it really?
Is this all a case of perception, we feel and imagine a resonance for some deeper reason but the reality is the instances were quite different…or is there an ebb and flow and equilibrium that somehow trys to assert itself in waves and cycles throughout history?
Intrigued about history patterns, themes and connections
The computer has in the past been described by Sculley past CEO of Apple as “Wings for the mind, seeing patterns and helping us to better understand and analyse those patterns”  and the subtle differences, ring any bells? Part of our motivation in developing Intriguing History and Intriguing Connections was a practical ability we wanted to create to be able to collect, gather analyse, and connect apparently disparate information with an intent to seek new connections that might help us gain a better understanding and insight into our family histories.
The process of connecting historical data from a number of themed perspectives, mapping it time-lining and customising catalogues , classifications and taxonomies to help us create a” rubic cube “for family historians is the essence of what we are most interested in, it’s up to the community we build to determine how far we can achieve that goal.
With the early stages of this project, we are beginning to see  many synapses and connections emerging and a surprising number of patterns start to become visisble through what at first seemed likely to be a potentially overwhelming sea of data, maybe not quite wings as yet, but sprouting a few wing feathers…
History Repeating Itself a Theme Emerging
This Theme seeks to explore the following strands with a view to helping us explore our family histories;
  • can we identify patterns that illustrate for family historians that history repeats itself?
  • what lessons have, can, should and could be learnt from history?
  • how have these repeating patterns influenced family life and history in the recent past from now back over the last 400 years (17th,18th, 19th,20th centuries?)
  • what happens next, what is happening again?
  • what is positive and negative about history repeating itself?
  •  how can an understanding of those patterns or absence thereof inform our understanding not only of family history but our current and future experience of family life
  • World history as an accumulation of family and nation-state experience, where does that take us all ?
  • Innate or inherent an age old question, to some degree all our family histories are founded upon the pattern of our genes as well as what our life experience is at home work and play, now that’s intriguing
History Repeating Itself compliments our Intriguing Snippets, Intriguing Connections and Intriguing Features Categories, it seeks to analyse interpret and project a collection of observations as well as facts, we look forward to opening this theme to debate and contributions from all of our users and community as we progress.
Take a look, have a think and maybe submit your thoughts about History Repeating Itself…
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