Boudica British Queen

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Boudica was Queen of the Iceni during the early occupation of the Romans of Britain. She took the fight to them when they abused her husbands will and violated her daughters and her own honour.

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Who was Pelagius?

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Pelagius was a monk from Britain, who, in the C4th during the Roman occupation of Britain, opposed the theological views of St Augustine and was excommunicated

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Carausius and Allectus

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Carausius and Allectus are known as the Roman usurpers who took control of Britain in 286 AD. Coins are the only real evidence we have of their limited tenure in Britain.

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Agricola was a most effective Roman leader who was Governor of Britain between 77 AD – 84 AD. His list of accomplishments was written down by Tacitus, his son in law

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Who were the Brigantes?

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The Brigantes were a Celtic tribe who held the territory between the Humber and the Tyne at the time of the Roman invasion in 43AD. At first they were on friendly terms with the Romans but this state of affairs began to collapse and the Romans attempted to force them from their territory.

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