History Pin WWI Hub

If you are a group, organisation or community that has decided to start a WWI commemorative project then you might be interested in the History Pin WWI Hub.

You can use the History Pin WWI Hub to share your project and collaborate with others who, like you, have felt motivated to commemorate and remember those who fought in World War 1. Many people would like to take part in these projects but don’t always know who they can contact or what might be going on in a village or town not far away.

History Pin WWI Hub

Why not use the hub and put your project on the map?

The First World War Centenary hub provides a digital home for these projects, drawing materials together so that people can find and take part in local commemorative activities and is very simple to use.

Sign in or join, set up your profile and you’re ready to start pinning. You can explore what others are pinning without needing to join (it costs you nothing) and who knows you might become inspired to set up your own little project. Hampshire History has launched a project to capture images of all of Hampshire’s War Memorials. If you have something to share contact www.hampshire-history.com

Petersfield War Memorial on History Pin

Petersfield War Memorial Hampshire UK



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