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Winston Churchill 50th Anniversary Tribute

This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series Winston Churchill polymath

The start of a series of some facets of Winston Churchill and his intriguing connections, the character of the man himself his triumphs and failures, his polymorphic abilities, science, writing, oratory excellence, the people he knew and what he thought about them and vice versa. Simply one of the most intriguing men in at least British 20th century history, he had his failing but packed huge amounts in to a life of extremes and huge contrasts. What can we find and connect as a series on the intriguing people he was involved with, how he promoted and developed science and technology throughout his career and a little colour about the character of the man.

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Night Will Fall Harrowing but Excellent Holocaust Documentary

Night will Fall Holocaust Documentary based on the 1945 Documentary film documenting the aftermath of the German Concentration Camps now being screened after a 6 year project by the Imperial War Museum to complete the original film in accordance with the script and sequences which involved film makers of the allies including Alfred Hitchcock, Bernstein the British Director, Richard Crossman’s script and narration and Richard Dimbleby father of the current broadcasters David and Jonathan. The document is a must watch but make sure you are braced to witness records made in the raw as allied forces went into the camps and witnessed for themselves the consequences of the crimes committed in the name of Germany. It should be required watching for Holocaust deniers.

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Who Was Simon de Montfort?

Simon de Montfort

Who was Simon de Montfort? He was a man who wore many labels during his colourful life He was, in no particular order; The Earl of Leicester Brother in law to King Henry III of England Son of Simon de Montfort, a crusader Grandson of Amicie de Leicester, eldest daughter of Robert de Beaumont, 3rd Earl…

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King John’s Will

King John's Will

King John’s will or testament is held in the Worcester Cathedral archive, it is the oldest original will of any English monarch and is concerned with securing succession.

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Cap Badge Parachute Regiment

The Parachute Regiment Cap Badge
This entry is part 3 of 13 in the series Military Cap badges

Military cap badge of the Parachute Regiment, find out how it makes up part of the intriguing collection of cap badges and how Winston Churchill set up this vital fighting force for WW2.

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Leaders of the Enlightenment, in a nutshell

Leaders of enlightenment

Who were the central thinkers and leaders of the period of the enlightenment…who together changed the way we and our societies and families that made those societies thought and organised our world. There would be backward steps but the genie of enlightenment was out of the box…

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