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The Berlin Wall a Monument

Berlin Wall

The remains of the Berlin Wall stand as a monument to a cold time, when a population of civilians who were suffering, were made to suffer more. The Soviets had their way and the wall stood from 1961 to 1989.

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Mapping the London Blitz

Mapping the London Blitz is a great project which has used the collated and mapped all the census material of all the bombs dropped during the Blitz 1940 – 1941. It is a fascinating resource for family historians with a connection to WWII.

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Red Cross POW Records

The Red Cross POW records are now digitized and available online to search. For many family historians these records complete the story of their ancestors who served in WWI.

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Operation War Diary

Operation War Diary is a crowd sourced project to classify the WWI diaries of the British Army on the Western Front. A project involving the Imperial War Museum and the National Archive.

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Pearl Harbour was attacked 7th Dec 1941

In memory of the 3,000 lives lost in less than two hours at Pearl Harbour which whilst devasting the UA forced the hand and brought America into the war, probably making victory almost certain ultimately and at great cost and loss of live to all sides.

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