Pearl Harbour was attacked 7th Dec 1941

This video contains original footage with US News Reel, not a good day for mankind generally with 3,000 US dead in less than 110 minutes. Not something to be celebrated from any perspective Roosevelt is said to have commented to Prime Minister Churchill over the telephone “We are all in the same boat now…”

In some ways a turning point for Churchill knowing the economic might of the US working with the Allies would surely bring victory eventually, it took a very long time more and many many more lives before peace was assured at a mighty cost.

A pivotal moment in history and being some 70 years hence on this very day, would seem dis-respectful not to include and mark on our Map views for WWII. The impact on America and perhaps a turning point in WWII for the British and Allied Forces was obviously huge.

Not something to celebrate but having touched the lives of so many American families in one short (less than two hours action) certainly a major event.

The video is care of the Pearl Harbor Day Committee formed to commemorate, as an annual tradition,
December 7 as Pearl Harbor Day in form of the Historic Courthouse on Main Street,
Hendersonville, NC. A second mission is to educate and make the young people in our schools and the
public aware of the magnitude of the effect that day had on all Americans

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