Plantagenets 1154 – 1399

The Goldsmiths Company

Goldsmiths Hall

The Goldsmiths Company, founded in the 14th century, still plays an important role in society today. It maintains the Assay Office and the annual Pyx trial by which the nations currency is protected from being debased.

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The Mercers’ Company

mercers' company

The Mercers’ Company is one of the top twelve Livery Companies in the City of London Considered by many to hold first place in the rank of the Livery Companies, the illustrious names on its roll of members,  charitable associations and trusts, it can have a justified claim to its position as such. Its corporate…

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Plantagenet Roll of the Royal Blood

King Richard III Bosworth

Plantagenet Roll of the Royal Blood Plantagenet Roll of the Royal Blood, 3 Ways to Check your Plantagenet Heritage Are you one of the many or one of the few? Watching and reading the media during this amazing week, it seems as if ‘the world and his wife’ were related to Richard III and the…

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Richard II King 1377-1399

Last Plantagenet King of England Richard II
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Richard II son of the Black Prince and Grandson of Edward III what kind of a King would he make coming to the throne at just 9 years old, confronting the Peasants Revolt and growing-up with the burden of kingship. Follow his timeline and chronology of the events that shape his life and impact on his kingdom.

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Crossbones Graveyard

Crossbones graveyard
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Crossbones graveyard in Southwark is adorned with colourful ribbons, a tribute to those Winchester Geese and others who exist on the margins of society. This burial ground has been in existence since Medieval times.

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King John vs the Church

King John vs the Church
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King John vs the church, is this what was behind King Johns road towards Magna Carta? Was this a King who did not fear God and a country little bothered by its isolation from Rome?

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Who Was Simon de Montfort?

Simon de Montfort

Who was Simon de Montfort? He was a man who wore many labels during his colourful life He was, in no particular order; The Earl of Leicester Brother in law to King Henry III of England Son of Simon de Montfort, a crusader Grandson of Amicie de Leicester, eldest daughter of Robert de Beaumont, 3rd Earl…

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Edward II King of England

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Edward II King of England 1284-1327 Edward II King of England’s mother sought to depose her own son. It cannot be the sign of a strong kingship surely? Judge for yourself with this brief summary timeline, family trees and short narrative of the life of Edward II, king of England. Acceding to the throne in 1307 Edward II’s reign…

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Edward I King of England

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Born to an unenviable heritage with the infamous John as his grand-father and Henry III a failing father how would Edward I change the tide that had swept before him? Was it even possible and how would his life map-out and impact on the development and history of Britain? Find out about Edward’s reign and timeline of major events, his ancestors and descendents and family tree here as part of our Plantagenet collection.

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Battle of of Lewes 1264

Battle of lewes 2nd Barons War with Simon de Montfort

Calamity during The Barons Wars,for the royalists, de Montfort humiliates the crown and takes possession of the King, Heir and kingdom but for how long?

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