Iona heart of Celtic Christianity

Book of Kells on Intriguing History's Church and Religion

Iona the centre of the development of Celtic Christianity the base with Lindisfarne from which Pagan Northumbria is converted, possible place of creation of the masterpiece and artefact of illuminated manuscript the Book of Kells leaving an enduring imprint on our history…

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Scotsmen Thomas Blake Glover, Mitsubishi and Kirin Beer

Outstanding Scotsmen and the Far East seem to go together in the 19th and early 20th centuries, being responsible for business and trading companies that are still thriving today. Thomas Blake Glover was one such man, arguably responsible for much of the success of the Meiji Restoration and the overthrow of the Shogun and forming the basis of the new and open Japan and it’s industrial success that continues to this day…

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