Seaforth Highlanders pre 1958 Cap Badge

This cap badge belongs to the Seaforth Highlanders, part of the Highland Brigade, a historical unit in the British Army.

Made of white metal it pre-dates 1958.

The 2nd Battalion of the Seaforth Highlanders served in the 2nd Boer War and suffered severe losses at the Battle of Magersfontein, they also fought at the Battle of Paadeberg, which was known as Bloody Sunday.

They formed part of the British Expeditionary Force in France in WWI.

Intriguing Connections:

  1. The adoption of tartan by the Highlander Regiments was very important to the survival of tartan production and therefore to the economy of the Highlands themselves. The Seaforth Highlanders wear the McKenzie tartan, as do the South Australian Scottish Regiment, the Royal South Australian Regiment and intriguingly, the Kaffrarian Rifles from South Africa.
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